MAIP 2021 Project Winner

Moments For Yourself

100 Roses From Concrete

Spec Brief: Come up with an integrated campaign that brings awareness to mental health in the BIPOC community.

BIPOC women are atlases who carry the world on their backs. As the backbones of their families and communities, BIPOC women struggle to find treatment that is relatable and accessible to them. They are not prioritizing their mental health, feeding into into a cycle of generational trauma. BIPOC women need mental health help that understands them and can fit into their daily lives without taking up too much time.

Our campaign, Moments For Yourself, reminds BIPOC women the importance of mental health by advocating for low-risk self-care methods that work with, not against their face-paced lifestyle.

Brand Act: NYC Times Square Blackout

To launch the campaign, we will buy the ad space in Times Square on the first day of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and turn off all the billboards for one day.


After generating buzz, we'll send a press release to media outlets including a landing page with the intent of our campaign. Following the months, we'll stagger activations with low-risk self-care methods.


Digital display ads and roadblock banners will show positive words of affirmation specifically placed in news sites and social that are frequented by our target. These will lead directly to our landing page.

Some news outlets include Los Angeles Sentinel, Philadelphia Tribune, AsAmNews, La Opinión, El Diario NY, Korea Daily US, and India Abroad.


We’ll also send prepaid direct mail postcards to our target with messages of positivity. They can keep it for themselves or mail it to a loved one with a personal note.

direct mail.png

Calming spoken word poetry by Amanda Gorman will play before or in-between podcasts instead of ads.

SFX: A gentle wind blows, sounds of trees and grass ruffle softly in the background as birds chirp. A New-Age melody plays.

VO: Life is busy and sometimes you forget to take moments for yourself. Take this time to breathe and remember your strength. You are undeniably yourself, and you should be proud. 

VO: You can do this, and if you can’t, that’s okay too. You are worth it for what bring, not for what you can’t.

VO: This is a reminder to love yourself before anything else. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 

VO: Brought to you by 100 Roses From Concrete.

A Moment :30

Bus stops across metro areas with high BIPOC women populations will utilize color and sound therapy to create a relaxing experience for our target in between busy moments of their day.

Slide 16_9 - 16.jpg

Ad spaces within subways will be taken over with animated screens that utilize visual rhythmic patterns to facilitate deep breathing and encourage reflective meditations.

Slide 16_9 - 17.jpg

Finally, programmatic taxi display ads will scroll through positive words of affirmation in multiple languages to quickly remind passersby that they are valued.

Slide 16_9 - 20.jpg

Account Manager - Vivien Zhu

Strategists - Rameen Ali, Simrandeep Kaur, Angelica Lopez-Gonzalez

Public Relations - Rebecca Farinas

Art Directors - Self, Kevin Zavalaga

Designer - Gina Marchini

UI/UX Designer - Kaelan Brown

Media Planners - Rishabh Bisht, Angela Chiu

Data Analyst - Jennifer Tran

Project Manager - Diego Villegas