Things I've done in the past years that I still love.


I joined a dance company for three years. I was also the head for all of our tech, media, and creative.


COVID hit and the rest is history.

I miss dancing, playing dress up, and taking photos with all of them. <3

(lol that's my mom taking the photo)

We also did more photogenic photoshoots and hyped each other up.

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Which became promo for our performances.

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AAPI Heritage Month

Corey Hambly and I were tired of being asked where we're from as if we couldn't possibly be from America. We made a video in response to the resurgence in Asian hate due to the othering of our community.


Exquisite Corpse

A design exercise where my ex-partner and I modernized the surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse. We divided a canvas into thirds, taking turns designing a portion without knowing what came before it.


Contact me for free prints, seriously.

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For an entire summer, I made futuristic edits for queer and counterculture folk online.


Gained a small niche following.

See it here
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Ren Hang Tribute

TW // Depression & suicide


Ren Hang, one of my favorite photographers, committed suicide. For years, he wrote poems on his blog as a cry for help.


I made a tribute video inspired by four of his poems.

Blockcrew team- Self, Maggie Dong, Yuting Gao, Jajsani Roane, Amber Shen
AAPI Heritage Month - Art Direction: Self; Copywriting: Corey Hambly
Exquisite Corpse - Design: Self, Archerd Aparejo
@o.ntology - Self
Ren Hang Tribute - Self