With over 3,500 patterns, prints, and goods, Marimekko is not fashion-forward, it’s lifestyle-forward. We highlighted this all-encompassing brand by envisioning a novel shopping experience on the metaverse.


Most common VR user-interface designs simply utilize 2D screens within a 3D environment, wasting the potential of an immersive experience.


Our experience integrates the comfortability of 2D screens with responsive 3D interactions, creating a shopping experience that lets users explore the environment around them.


Users can filter between item categories. Each item category has a unique display case. Users will watch the environment around them shift to show them what they want to see.


Shoppers can trial items within their own home space so they can see how Marimekko can shape their metaverse lifestyle.


Each Marimekko designer will have their own showroom environment that exhibit their most popular items. This gives each designer an opportunity to highlight their style and brand.


Shoppers can purchase spaces designed by Marimekko artists to be used for hangouts, events, or as home spaces.

Art Direction: Self
UI Design: Self
Experience Design: Self, Alaysha Mikell
3D Design: Alaysha Mikell
Animation: Self
Strategy: Self