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Google x HMCT


A global loophole in the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights means that by 2050, potentially 1.2 billion climate refugees could be overlooked.


On World Refugee Day, we'll shine light to this issue and give voice to those ignored by the global stage.

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We'll utilize Google Earth's existing Voyager platform to tell stories of climate refugees on a global scale, literally. 

It starts with changing Google's own logo on World Refugee Day, June 20.


Clicking on the logo will take the user to Google Earth's Voyager. Using typography and topography, we'll tell stories of climate refugees and where they've headed.


At the end of the experience, users will be encouraged to send a message to their UN representative or share their own climate-related displacement stories and continue the conversation on social. 

Art Direction: Self
Copywriting: Craig Kissoon
Strategy: Kevin Nguyen
Creative Brand Management: Kaz Bani, Vivien Zhu
Experience Design: Pareesa Khwaja
Animation & Edit: Self
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